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By the end of 2014, it is projected that the number of mobile connect devices will exceed the number of people on earth

-Clifton Metcalf, Spokesperson ATT

Consumers are moving away from their laptops and desktops and are searching for your business on their smart phones. Today’s mobile users expect a website that loads in seconds and delivers relevant information in an accessible and easy-to-view format. It is estimated that by the end of this year, smartphones and handheld devices will be the dominant method for searching the web. Your customers will be looking for your business almost exclusively by searching on their smartphones. This is a huge opportunity for your business…if you position yourself correctly!

Having a mobile site gets you in front of more customers and WILL increase your business! It is not really an option anymore in today’s society. According to Business Week Magazine: “The number of smartphones in use globally crossed 1 billion for the first time in the third quarter and will double by 2015″. If you don’t have a website that displays properly on a smartphone…you are handing money to your competition!

What If I Already Have A Website, But It Is NOT Mobile Friendly?

We can design a mobile friendly site to work in conjunction with your existing site. Your new mobile site will not replace your current site, it will be an extension of your current site. When someone visits your website on a large tablet, desktop, or laptop computer, they will see your current site.
However…when they visit your site from a mobile or smart phone, they will see your new quick loading, easy to navigate mobile site. No scrolling, pinching, collapsing or stretching the screen is necessary! This is done by inserting a few lines of code on the home page of your current site (we do this for you!), that will automatically redirect mobile users to your new mobile site. They always have the option of visiting your current site on their handheld as well.

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