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Why Choose Us


Here at Diversified Publishing, we don’t just design websites for our clients, we generate success. We’re passionate about your results. We understand, the better your site performs on the web…The More Business You Will Get!

Would you like to take your business to the next level?

90% of people searching for a local business turn to the web…did you get your share of that traffic?

  • Want more cutomers?
      We design websites that get results
  • Need more leads?
      On page SEO included
  • Have products to sell?
      Let us set-up your online store
  • Want to stand out from the crowd?
      We design logos, branding, graphics, and more
  • Are you mobile ready?
      All of our designs look great on ALL devices
  • Want to have complete control over your site?
      We make it easy for you to log-in and edit your site
  • Is your out-dated site turning customers away?
      Let us redesign your site to be more user friendly

We are proud to design highly functional great looking websites that get high rankings with the search engines. We build custom designed websites for most budgets. We specialize in developing websites and solutions for the small to medium sized business, so you always get the personalized attention you deserve.

At Diversified Publishing,  we realize you are very busy running your business.  That’s why we take care of all the details for you, from site design, graphics, development, hosting and more. Let us take the worry out of designing your website, so you can concentrate on running your business.

We can handle everything from Concept, Web Design, Graphics, and Content, along with Web Hosting, Publishing and Maintaining your website.

Why Go Mobile

Mobile Revolution

Consumers are moving away from their laptops and desktops and are searching for your business on their smart phones. Today’s mobile users expect a website that loads in seconds and delivers relevant information in an accessible and easy-to-view format.  It is estimated that by the end of this year, smartphones and handheld devices will be the dominant method for searching the web. Your customers will be looking for your business almost exclusively by searching on their smartphones. This is a huge opportunity for your business…if you position yourself correctly!

Having a mobile site gets you in front of more customers and WILL increase your business! It is not really an option anymore in today’s society. According to Business Week Magazine: “The number of smartphones in use globally crossed 1 billion for the first time in the third quarter and will double by 2015″. If you don’t have a website that displays properly on a smartphone…you are handing money to your competition!

What If I Already Have A Website, But It Is NOT Mobile Friendly?

We can design a mobile friendly site to work in conjunction with your existing site. Your new mobile site will not replace your current site, it will be an extension of your current site. When someone visits your website on a large tablet, desktop, or laptop computer, they will see your current site.

However…when they visit your site from a mobile or smart phone, they will see your new quick loading, easy to navigate mobile site. No scrolling, pinching, collapsing or stretching the screen is necessary! This is done by inserting a few lines of code on the home page of your current site (we do this for you!), that will automatically redirect mobile users to your new mobile site. They always have the option of visiting your current site.

Contact Us Today To Discuss How You Can Get More Customers By Going Mobile Friendly!

Go Mobile

Choosing Your Domain Name


Choosing your domain name is important to the success of your website. Don’t forget, your domain name will probably be the first thing your potential customer sees. You may have to play around some available names before finding one that fits your business…and will play nice with the search engines.

“For the rest of our lives, all we can hear are our names chanted over and over, until we are deaf to everything else.”
Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues

Use Keywords – Try to use keywords that describe your business and what you offer. For example; if you sell coffee mugs with funny sayings, you might want to register or Try to use the keywords that visitors will enter when searching for your products or services. This will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

If you offer a local service…even better!  Try to use ‘what you do’, and ‘where you do it’.  Something like:, or  Search engines love this!

TIP – When you advertise your domain name, the browser is not case sensitive.  In other words, if a visitor types in, or, it doesn’t matter.  If your domain is more the one word, I advise capitalizing the first letter of each word in all of your media (business cards, stationary, flyers, etc.).

Keep It Short – Shorter domain names are easier for your visitors to remember. Would you remember, or The easier it is for them to type, the easier it is for your visitors to tell others about your domain name.

Don’t let Your Ego Get In The Way – Try to avoid what I call ‘Vanity Names’ unless your name is what you sell or do. I know you are proud of your company name, but it doesn’t mean much to someone in pajamas surfing for juice blenders at three in the morning. If your company’s name is Rising Son Inc., and you sell shoes, people won’t search for, or remember, the name rising son when searching for shoes. They will however, remember something like:     Do Extensions Matter? – There are over 110 million .com, 15 million .net and 10 million .org domains on the web. Try to go for the .com extension if it is available, or tweak your potential domain name to find one that fits.  If it makes more sense (following the rules here) go ahead and grab the .net extension. Don’t worry, the world won’t stop spinning if you do. The .net extension, a well as some of the newer extensions, are becoming more popular, but everyone still remembers .com.

Avoid Hyphens – Yes, many businesses still use a domain name with a hyphen or two, but the problems with these domain names are that people forget where the hyphens go (or leave them out completely).  Also, you don’t want to send someone to your competitor’s site that has a similar name, but without the hyphens. If your domain name is, and someone types in the address bar (trying to remember your domain name), guess who sells more shoes?

Don’t Play The Numbers Game – Numbers in a domain name can work, but try to avoid substituting common words with numbers, they tend to confuse web surfers, and can often be hard to remember. As an example, try not to use the number “4″ instead of the word “for”, “2″ instead of the word “to”, etc. The number “0″ alone is often mistaken for the letter “O” and vice versa. Plus, in my opinion (so glad you asked) they look cheap! Part of having a website is also about conveying quality. The last thing you want is a name like (no, really…would you use them?).

Well, that’s about it on choosing your perfect domain name that will be easy to remember, not confusing, and do well in the search engines.  Think about it, you can have a killer looking, easy to use website, but if no one can find it, what good is it?

How It Works


It may seem a bit confusing when it comes to what you want (or need) in your website. In order for us to design the best possible website for your business, we want you to think about a few points (don’t worry, I promise this won’t be painful).

First things first – This should go without saying, but here are the main things we would like to know up front:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Do you already have a domain name or hosting (we can supply both if you need them)
  • What purpose your site will serve
  • Will you supply the text, pictures, logos, or graphics
  • Do you require a content management site (one that you can log into and change the content), or a static site (sort of a ‘set it and forget it’ site)
  • Do you plan on selling products
  • What is your budget – Note On Budget: That seems like a scary question, but I have had people ask me to design a website exactly like the New York Times site.  They swore it would only take a couple of hours and were willing to pay me a couple hundred bucks to get it done.  It didn’t take me long to realize they probably live on the planet Venus, and can levitate large objects with their mind.  The truth is, most people want websites that clearly cost tens of thousands of dollars, FYI, that Times website, the newspaper paid a measly 40 million on the design and years in development (who lives on Venus now?)

Luckily for you, we can design a great looking highly functional site to fit your budget, no matter how large or small.

It would be extremely helpful to get some other information from you as well.

Functionality – Seems like a scary concept, but it’s actually pretty easy to determine based on the general information we ask for above. But being the greedy designers we are…we want more!

It would be a great idea if you could show us some sites on the web you like, and tell us what you like, or dislike about them. They can be your competitors, or just sites that you like the look and feel of.  Most people don’t know exactly how to describe what they want, but by showing us the sites you like, we can get a better idea.  Sometimes, there is a feature or two you didn’t even know existed.

Design – As mentioned above, showing us sites you like is a great way for us to get a perfect fit between functionality and design. We would also like to know what type of presence you want to convey.  There are all types of designs on the web, from the dark themes (think gaming sites) to the cutesy (think child photograpers, or make-up sites), to the corporate (think doctors, or lawyers) to ecommerce (think to well…just about anything.

Also, if you prefer certain colors, maybe to match your branding/logo, we can work that into the design as well.

Well, that’s about all we need to get started designing your new website.  We may have a few more questions, depending on what type of site you desire, but like I promised in the beginning, that wasn’t too painful, was it?


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